We are enabling a revolution

We are revolutionizing the way people borrow and save money. We've built, and continue to develop, the most innovative interest rate marketplace on the web.

What We Do

We are an online marketplace that helps you find the most competitive interest rate for your loans, savings or guaranteed investment account.

Through our online service consumers have access to financial providers from all across the country who compete for their business. Imagine just being able to log onto a website using your phone or computer, input your savings or borrowing needs and have financial providers compete to provide you with the very best interest rates.

The bonus? Consumers are matched with the right providers for the start of a new financial relationship.

It’s a fast and convenient way to ensure that you get the interest rate that you’re looking for without having to deal with a third party or waste time shopping around.

InterestPiggy does not work for banks, we are not lenders or brokers, nor do not compete with them. We simply offer financial providers an effective and efficient digital sales method and an opportunity to develop a relationship with the customer before first contact.

Our Culture

Our joy comes from inspiring consumers and providers to succeed with a win-win relationship.
Our team instills a culture that values flexibility, innovation, integrity, passion, respect, teamwork, and trust, and these values serve as both a description of what we already share, as well as an aspiration for what InterestPiggy continues to strive to be.

Our vision is to become the world's largest interest rate marketplace that provides the best digital experience in saving or borrowing of our time. This mission represents what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.

Our Story

It all started when our founder approached his existing bank for funding to purchase a commercial building. After several meetings with the bank filling out endless paperwork, he found himself in a limited negotiation position due to the bank’s control of the process. A few weeks before the deal was supposed to close, the bank notified him about a change in lending terms. It was a complete surprise that resulted in a mad scramble to get alternative financing.

“We were incredibly pressed for time, so I walked into all of the major banks and said, 'Look, here's the project we're doing, here are the numbers, I need to know if you can give us a loan, and I need to know today.' I walked out of every single bank with an interest rate offer because they knew I would immediately be going to one of their competitors if they didn't land a deal with me. After this experience, I thought, why can't getting a loan always be this efficient? Why can't customers be empowered to have banks compete directly for their business?”

- Manny Kandola, Founder and CEO

…and so he decided to create InterestPiggy to help other consumers take control of their financing needs.

Nationwide Launch
May 2017

We launch InterestPiggy.com across Canada

Optimize and Invest
Feb 2017

We optimize operations, increase investment in R&D and receive additional financial support

Pre-register Consumers
Jan 2017

We establish an online community and pre-register consumers across north america

Pre-register Providers
Nov 2016

We establish key provider partnerships and recruit high-value providers across the nation

Platform Design and Development
March 2016

Our platform comes to life and goes through rigorous screening to achieve perfection