A new way to shop for financial services.

Before InterestPiggy, finding a competitive interest rate meant going from provider to provider. This approach is time-consuming, restricts your search to regular hours and limits the number of providers you can connect with – leaving you to wonder if you received the right rate from the right provider.

InterestPiggy puts the control in your hands. In a few short moments, you can submit your requirements to a nationwide network of financial service providers who are waiting to compete for your business.


Input your needs, and decide which types of providers will compete for your business - information is provided anonymously, with no commitment or credit check required.


Qualified providers will offer their best rates over a period of 48 hours. You can watch the competition unfold, or choose to receive notification only when the winner has been determined.


Save, borrow or invest with confidence that you received the best rate available. InterestPiggy connects you with the winning providers who will contact you to complete the process.


With InterestPiggy, control is in your hands. Unlike searching for a financial services provider in the traditional way, with InterestPiggy you decide when to start your competition and which provider types will be invited to submit offers. And if you aren’t happy with the result of your competition, you are under no obligation to complete the transaction.

Feel empowered with the best rate being established before you make the first contact with the provider – the provider just needs to deliver you the best service to close the deal.


Convenient. Risk Free.

Launch a competition at any time, from anywhere. No need to wait for business hours, or to spend your valuable time visiting banks and making phone calls. It is free - and risk free – to use InterestPiggy. We will connect you with the provider that can best meet your needs, and you decide if you want to move forward to finalize the transaction.

When you start a competition on InterestPiggy, providers only receive the information needed to make an informed offer. No hard credit check or lengthy application is required. Only once the competition is over - and the best rate determined - will the winning providers receive your contact information and complete the formal application process

Multiple Quality Providers.

InterestPiggy gives you access to a nationwide network of qualified providers that are motivated to win your business.You decide who competes. Only want to deal with major banks? Prefer the benefits of virtual banks, or alternative providers? Want to let all provider types compete? No problem - the choice is yours!

Clients rate providers at the end of each competition, letting you benefit from client experiences across the social network. To ensure that you get quality service, only providers that maintain a positive rating are able to compete for your business.


Real Time, Transparent, Competitive Process.

Once you have launched your competition, watch in real-time as providers compete for your business.The defined competition time-line ensures that you establish the most favorable interest rate possible for the product that meets your needs.

The fact that all providers can see all offer drives more competition, ultimately delivering you the best rate. You can see details about the provider and sharing through social media can be done with one click.

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