Your innovative sales strategy is here.

Radically increase your sales productivity in just a few minutes a day! Shorten your sales cycle, expand your market and increase volume by connecting with potential clients who are actively seeking the services that you provide.


Quality leads are pushed to you in real-time on your dashboard, via email and SMS. Use platform features to target specific markets or explore wider business development opportunities.


Bid with just a few keystrokes, or let the AutoPiggy Bidder compete for you. The transparent competition indicates your position in the market and increases confidence in your offer.


As a successful provider, convert the lead and close the sale using your expertise and established processes – knowing that the client already has confidence in the transaction.

The right tool set to quality leads

If you're a financial services provider professional, InterestPiggy is exactly what you need! InterestPiggy connects you directly with clients who are looking for the services you provide.

More Business

The online marketplace delivers motivated clients looking for a hassle-free experience. And cast your net as wide as you’d like, because locality has no boundaries with InterestPiggy.

Enhanced Digital Presence

Be recognized as a knowledgeable fintech market leader. Increase sales productivity with digital prospecting, and establish valuable brand awareness using InterestPiggy’s social network integration.

Qualified Leads

InterestPiggy gives you lead setting configuration tools to target specific market segments you want to serve, and a 2-way rating system that encourages accountability from clients and providers alike.

Real Time. Anytime. Anywhere.

At your desk or on the move – receive instant SMS and email alerts, access competition details, and bid effortlessly from any smart device. You choose whether to be hands-on, to delegate, or to automate the entire process.

A marketplace for all

By spending just a few minutes a day, you can increase your sales by 50% or more. Connect with verified potential clients for the services you provide, experience shorter sales cycle, no need to cold call and no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Major Banks
Do Sales Brilliantly
Commercial, Retail and Investments Banks use us to shorten their sales cycles.
  • Target Leads Configuration
  • Access to Lead Profiling
  • Auto Bidding features
  • Client Mangement tools
  • Hidden Fees
Virtual Banks
Build On Your Strength
InterestPiggy is 100% digital, and we attract clients that endorse the virtual world.
  • Target Leads Configuration
  • Access to Lead Profiling
  • Auto Bidding features
  • Client Mangement tools
  • Hidden Fees
Alternative Providers
Compete in the Emerging Markets
Private brokers use InterestPiggy to connect with clients nationally that need their specialized services.
  • Target Leads Configuration
  • Access to Lead Profiling
  • Auto Bidding features
  • Client Mangement tools
  • Hidden Fees

Low Cost + High Rewards = High Value

InterestPiggy is a low-budget, efficient lead generation strategy that almost any financial service provider can use. Value is delivered immediately through access to market data at no additional cost, and there is no charge to compete for a customer’s business. You simply only incur a marginal cost, compared to traditional methods, when you become a winning provider. 

InterestPiggy optimizes and primes opportunity delivery by putting the power in your hands. We’ll help you drive new business and cultivate new prospects into engaged customers through customization settings allowing you to receive only qualified, accurate leads for higher conversion rates. 

InterestPiggy will result in significant savings on marketing spend by eliminating the risk attracting consumers outside your most valuable demographics and gives you a complete low-risk, high reward new business development solution.

High value
Provider support

Provider Support

Straightforward. Efficient. High Value. We are committed to delivering a top-notch experience to Providers. The platform is set up so that you can be self-sufficient when registering and participating in auctions, but if you ever run into a problem or have a unique requirement, our Provider Relations Team is here to help.

Want to know how to get the best value from the site? Interested in signing up as an enterprise provider? Questions about advertising on InterestPiggy? Connect with us for any reason, 7 days a week – via email, telephone or instant chat

Provider Testimonials

We offer borrowers and savers access to a globally connected Providers workforce. Provider feedback is an integral part of our growth strategies and we share some of them with you below.


We were looking for new ways to get access to new business and InterestPiggy gives us that opportunity.

John G.
Credit Union Executive

The consumers on InterestPiggy are a great fit for how we like to do business, they are honest, courteous and ambitious.

Laura J.
Branch Manager

I would not want my competition to know about InterestPiggy, but even if they did, we would beat them in any competition!

Donald K.
Mortgage Broker

InterestPiggy shares the same transparent and innovated values we do to enhance the financial industry. We are expanding our sales force to further take advantage of the InterestPiggy sales channel.

Kara W.
Digital Bank Innovation Lead

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